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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sally Jo Shafer as a Toddler

Sally with Mother Leona and ether Gene or Charles

Sally with her Mother Leona (I believe that this is Spokane river in the background?) Charles says that this river looks to high a location for it to be the Spokane River below. My Mom says that this might be the Columbia River on the way to her Aunt Ruth's & Uncle Jo's in Medford Oregon.

Both my Mom and Charles say that this is Gene with my Mom.

Sally Jo Burrows as a Toddler

My Mom says that these pictures were taken at the Shannon home or 1st Mansfield. Charles says: "Pictures of Sally was taken in the front and backyard of their home on Shannon St in Spokane. Just a short distance West of Northwest Blvd."

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Baby Sally Jo Shafer with Family

Sally with Betty

Sally and her Mother Leona are on the right. I have no idea who is on the left. Friend of Leona's? Her Mother Margaretha Anna Stamm? Neighbor? Sister or Sister-In-Law? My Mom says that she doesn't know who the woman is ether.

Sally Jo Shafer as a toddler


Sally with her Mother Leona.
I have to say that I really love this photo.

I'm assuming that the cut off person is Leona. My Mom agrees with me.

Sally Jo Shafer as a toddler

Sally as a toddler

Sally with her Mother Leona My Mom says that the Log Cabin is probably Gobby's in Potlach, Idaho.