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Sunday, July 15, 2012

John Deweys Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry 35th Anniversary Certificate
John Deweys buisness card
 John Dewey's Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry Membership Certificate

School Picture of Leona as a child

Letter, Gene and Pat's Family Photo and Shafer Woman

This was a letter from Joanne to Sally

Gene and Pat's Family Photo
I'm Not quite sure who this is, it looks a little like my Grandmother Leona, so I'm assuming that its her Mother?

Sally's Wedding to Ron Campbell

Joanne says the boy is John Mankus and thinks that the girl is Kathy Gallaugher, Genes daughter.
 For some reason my Mom has the bad habbit of cutting out people from her pictures.

John Dewey's Mother, Margaret Anna Stamm Shafer.
 Sally with her Father John Dewey
 Sally with her Mother Leona
 Another cut job

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Charle's response to my Mom's World War 2 memories

My Uncle Charle's was kind enough to make a few corrections and additions my my Mom's memories of World War 2 so I typed them up and decided to post them.


Received your letter regarding your childhood. I need to make a few small corrections. I would have e-mailed this to you but you never seem to get items I send and I am playing it safe.

First off I was not drafted into the Army. I enlisted shortly after Betty and I were married. During my time in the Army (WW 2 – Korea) I was in three different components. When I enlisted in early 1942 I was in an Ordinance Division, then in an Infantry Division. When in Korea I was in an Engineer Battalion. I was a 1st Sargent in control of 180 men.

Your dad (Dewey) was not studying to be an Engineer. He worked for Warren-Little and Lund. He was an accomplished man of many talents. After WW 2 he took me to work with him and was the one that started my life over again. I was not much of a so-called ‘Happy Camper’ when I came back from the war. Your dad was someone I could depend and lean on.

I don’t remember hearing about your mother crying so much. Guess it was a part of the time when we all cried for some reason or other. Times were difficult back then.

I knew about ‘The Lights Out’ during WW 2 but I was not in a place where people came to the door to notify you. Seems we were always in the dark during my stay in the service. And again I heard about the Rationing but I was overseas while you and others did without.

The subject about military men coming to your home was never mentioned or brought up to me after I came home. I knew nothing about it. Betty never mentioned anyone nor did your parents. Betty did mention that she had someone from the Navy over (when we lived in Europe) during the time I was in Korea. That was it.

Betty to me was the most beautiful lady I have ever met and always will be. I loved her so much and I always will.

The picture of Betty was painted for me when I was in Korea. It was painted on a rice or bamboo type (roll up) mat (shade?) Painted by a Korean artist who copied it from a snapshot that I carried with me. When he first painted it and gave it to me it showed Betty completely nude. He thought I would like it better. I told him to take it back and at least put a bathing suit on her. He did because the way it was I didn’t dare bring it home that way. Joanne has it.

When I came home from the wars I had two Beautiful kids waiting for me. You and Joanne!

Any other questions you may have just ask and I will try to answer them.