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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Scott & Michelle Pictures

Scott, Michelle and Sally Scott's 5th Grade Class Picture
Michelle's 3rd Grade Class Picture
Ron, Scott and Michelle by Train
Scott & Michelle on Bikes

Sally Jo Burrows, Gallaughers and John Dewey Shafer's Home

Sally Jo Burrows

Gene and Pat Gallaugher with daughters Christmas Card (Gene is the child of Leona's first marrage to Dilbert Gallaugher)
John Dewey Shafer's Home

John Dewey Shafer's Home

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Scott and Michelle photos

Im not sure if this is one of Ron's relative's or Sally's
Scott & Michelle with unknown relative
Sally and Scott

Scott and Michelle photos

Scott, John Dewey and Ron
I believe this was Michelle's 8th birthday party since it was in the same place as her 2nd grade class photo.

School Photo

Scott's 4th Grade Class Photo
Michelle's 2nd Grade Class Photo

Not sure whose house this is

Not sure who this is, probably a relative of Ron.
Sally, Scott and Michelle
Ron, Scott and Michelle

Scott and I think Keith

Not sure whose house this is

I think that it might be Ron Campbell's house, but it kind of look's like my Grandparent's John Dewey and Leona Shafer's home on the Soutn hill of Spokane.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Scott the Fisherman

Back of photo

Merryy Music Makers

Sally, Scott & Michelle
Michelle singing in Merry Music Makers

Vactaion and other Photos

Some vactation that Salley, Ron, Scott & Michelle get on.

Sally, Scott, Michelle, Patricia (Gene's wife) and her kids
Michelle & Scott Skiing
Michelle at piano with dog
Scott & Michelle with a friend or cousin
Christmas Pictures