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Sunday, November 15, 2009

John Dewey & Leona Shafer

The first three pictures are at the their home in Spokane, Washington before John Dewey's fall and their move to Couer d' Alene, Idaho. In the first picture is Michelle and I in the background.

This is John Dewey and Leona's 32nd Anniversary.

I believe that this picture is at the Laurel home where i grew up, I know that the next one is. This was taken at John Dewey's 85th birthday.

This is Betty, Leona's daughter from her first marrage and John Dewey.

My Mother Margaretha Anna Stamm Shafer

Aileen Shafer is the Sister of John Dewey Shafer (my Grandfather) and the daughter of Margaretha Anna Stamm Shafer.

My Mother Margaretha Anna Stamm Shafer
Written by Aileen Kathryn Shafer Kinney

The Stamm family came from Schleitheim and there were Bechtold's in Schaffhausen. The man at the State house didn’t have any information but gave the name of Willie Bachtold who had the records in Schleitheim. Willie Bechtold’s house had records. A man named Eugene Stamm had the records.

Margaretha Anna Stamm lived in Schaffhausen, the house was white stucco and very neat. I remembered her telling me about her home. She said the cows lived underneath. She told me about coming in from the cold and her Mother put them on a shelf next to the fireplace. When we went to Europe we visited a home in Switzerland. It looked like what I expected from what my Mother had told me.

Mom’s family went to North America in April of 1881. They traveled in the hold of the ship. Her Mother got sick. Mom’s Mother and Father both died later and Mom was placed in a home for orphans. She told me that the food was terrible, that the people in charge ate very well though. She and her sister were put on a train with other orphans. They went to Illinois. There people toke them. Mom was taken by a woman. People in the community said she was a lady of ill repute and not a fit place for Mom and she went to live with an elderly lady who smoked a pipe. She was to week to light it and Mom had to light it for her. She said she learned to like tobacco.

After that she went to live with Uncle Jim and Aunt Zada. About that time Dads parents both died and he went to live with Uncle Jim (his oldest brother). They went to school together. They went to the Fifth Reader. That is what it was called then. They fell in love and lived in a small house, but later lived in a nice new one.

Uncle Jesse and Aunt Lilly (Dad’s Sister) came west and bought a place near Pullman. They did well and wrote to Mom and Dad to come ‘out west”. They decided to do that. Margaret was a baby. Mom said she carried her (on the train) on a pillow.

I was born at Colfax as were Jim and Frank before me. Then my dad wanted a larger farm so they bought one at Colfax and bought a larger place at La Crosse (600 acres). They raised wheat. It was a very old house, so when they could they built a big new house, 4 bed rooms, only one bath. It was on the main floor. So was Mom and Dads bedroom. They cooked and ate in the basement. The main floor kitchen was never used. There was an elevator and Jim and Elwyn (sp?) and Gwen and Don Kraus tried to ride in it.

Ruth and her family lived close by and helped farm. She was married to Winfield Kraus at Colfax. I remember Mama saying Ruth wanted a big home wedding and how hard it was with me as a baby. I loved playing with Gwen, Elwyn and Dan.

Then on Sunday Dewey, Bob and Winfield decided to go swimming. They went to Palouse falls. People swam under the falls. Winfield evidently got into a whirlpool and drowned. It was terrible. Ruth then moved to La Crosse and was Telephone Operator. Mom and Dad helped her quite a lot. The children spent a lot of time with us so I sort of grew up with them.

Dad was doing really well, but then some crooked guys sold him some fake Oil Well stock and he lost almost everything. He held a farm sale a bought the place at republic. We moved to Republic, a cattle ranch. On the train up there just before we got to Republic Mom said “Why did you bring me to this God Forsaken Place”?

I went to Karamin to the 5th and 6th grades. Then they closed the Karamin School and we went by School Bus to Republic. I rode horse back after toe cows in the evenings. When I was Senior Pauline and Fred talked Dad into moving to Mackey, Idaho, to raise potatoes. Dad sent the furniture and equipment by train and we drove down. Dewey and Leona and her two kids Gene and Betty all went to Mackey.

Things didn’t work out. The deal on the farm fell through so we didn’t stay. We didn’t go back to Republic. That is when Mom and Dad bought the farm at Greenbluff, My friends from Greenbluff called and wanted me to come up there for Graduation. They said that I would be Valedictorian, but the folks could not afford to send me there. I was promise a job at 5 cent and 10 cent store where a friend from Republic was manager, but it didn’t pay enough to pay for my room and board.

?D.A. Sullivan got a road job that went to Green Bluff. The men camped on the farm. They wanted to have mom feed them. So she said she would. I helped her. I made the desserts, pies and cakes. She cooked the rest of the meal. I usually waited on tables. Ralph Dayley (Dads cousin) was the boss. He liked to tease me. That was when I met Herman Kinney. He was on of the main ones. He drove a tractor. He fell for me. We were married later in Colfax. Mom and Dad sold the house and moved into an acreage on Market street. That is where my dad had a heart attack and passed away. Frank and Loraine lived next door. Mom sold the acreage and moved into a small house near Garland.

We moved to Spokane from Colville and brought a new duplex in Alice?. We wanted Mom to move in the other side, but my brothers objected. I could have taken care of her. They moved her in to Riverview Terrace, a retirement home. She lived there several years, then passed away from Heart Failure. The Doctor called, said her heart was just worn out. She was buried at Colfax next to my Dad and baby Brother Gerald.

Leona Grimm Evans Shafer

This was written by my mother, so if any of you have stuff to add let me know. I added a picture of Leona and one of her friends.

November 17, 1900 - April 24, 1994

Leona Grimm Evans was born November 17, 1900, to David and Ida Evans in Colfax, Washington. She had two older brothers, Jess and Earl, who were very close and very protective of her. Leona loved to dance and sing. She had a beautiful voice. Leona liked to listen to Kate Smith sing and knew all of her songs, including one of her favorites, “When the Moon Comes over the Mountain”. As a Jean Mantkus. At this time (1943), Leona’s stepfather had come to live with them. Leona and Dewey insisted that their daughter, Betty and granddaughter, Joanne come and live with them also. So they had a full house. During all of this Leona kept up with her Central United Methodist choir work, her affiliation with the Moose teenager she sang at weddings, funerals, and in the choir at church. When Leona was about 17 she got a job at Potete’s Candy Shop, where she learned to make hand-dipped chocolates. At the age of 19 she married Delbert Gallaugher and later had two children, Betty born in 1922, and Russell Gene in 1924. Delbert passed away and left Leona a widow at the age of 26. Leona’s stepfather, George Ramsey, being a widower, had Leona and the two children come and live with him on the ranch just outside Potlatch, Idaho. Leona took over the household duties, such as the cooking, laundry, etc., until she was able to get a job on a wheat ranch at harvest time. At the age of 28 she met and fell in love with John Dewey Shafer. They were married after a courtship of one month. After a period of time they moved to Republic, Washington, to be with Dewey’s parents who had a wheat ranch there. The latter part of 1928, Leona, Dewey, and the two children moved to Spokane, Washington. During the Depression, Leona worked in a bakery while Dewey was able to find part-time work. Leona was an excellent seamstress, so she was always able to make clothing for her family and herself. As time went on and things were better financially, they moved to a home on Shannon, just across Have male Junior High School where Betty and Gene attended. Then in March 1939, Leona and Dewey had a baby girl, Sally Jo. War broke out December 7, 1941, and in February of 1942 Betty married Charles Mantkus at St. John’s Cathedral in Spokane. That May of 1942, Charles enlisted in the Army and Leona’s only son Gene went into the Navy. During WWII, Leona would cry every time the songs “White Christmas” or “Danny Boy” were played because of Charles and Gene being in the service.

In August of 1943, Leona had her first granddaughter, Joanne Lodge and also with Sally’s school activities.

In 1947, they moved to a 10-acre chicken and garden farm on Cherry Lane in the Glenrose area. They would hold big canning bees to process the vegetables grown in the garden.

In 1952, Russel Gene married Patricia Whittekiend and later 2 more of Leona’s granddaughters were born-Kathy in 1960 and Karri in 1968.

Leona and Dewey became grandparents again in 1953-a grandson, John Michael Mantkus. The grandchildren loved being with their grandma and grandpa and spent many happy days with them. Leona always lied to have Christmas at her home and she made it look like a fairyland.

In the spring of 1972, the folks sold the farm and moved to a nice little house on Thurston and Hogan in Spokane. The grandchildren loved to stay all night. Leona was the best cook and always kept her home clean and tidy. They had many holiday dinners with family and Dad still gardened.

Sally married Zenas Burrows in 1974. They had 8 children between them. In 1984, Sally moved the folks, with Gene’s help, to a Coeur d’Alene retirement home so she could watch over them since she lived in Coeur d’Alene.

Dad had to go into a nursing home in March 1985 because of arthritis in his back and that broke Mother’s heart. Dewey Shafer died in 1986. Leona’s health deteriorated and she soon had to go into an adult care home. Her strength eventually got better after a year and she was able to move to Woodway Inn Retirement Home. She was such a feisty little woman but enjoyed the friends there, especially Olive Boone. Leona’s son Gene died in February of 1990.

In March 1992, Leona moved back to Spokane where Sally now lived. Leona tried Camlu Retirement home for a few months but by the end of May she moved to Sunshine Gardens Care Center. She received excellent care there, with almost daily visits from family and friends, especially Blanch Gamon and Mary Wham.

She was a loving grandma and was crazy about babies. When the nurse’s aides would bring their babies to work, Leona had to hold them. She herself was blessed with 7 grandchildren, 9 great grandchildren, 2 great-great grandchildren, besides 5 step grandchildren and 12 step great grandchildren.

On a Sunday afternoon Sally visited Leona to read poetry and look at pictures. When she saw a large picture of Jesus she seemed to relax and be comfortable. When Jesus’ name was mentioned, she’d bow her head reverently and seem tearful. The nurse said she seemed to know she was going to pass on. She spent the night before her death just looking up at the ceiling in anticipation.

Leona Shafer died on April 24, 1994, at Sunshine Gardens here in Spokane. She will be well loved and long remembered by all who knew her.

Johann Friederick Kirshof

Leona Grimm Evans Mother was Ida Florence Grimm, her Mother was Rebecca Kiracofe. Rebecca's Father was Henry (Georg Heinrich) Kiracofe and his Fathers name was Johann Friederick Kirshof who was married to Carhrine Wacker. So He was Leona's Great, Great Gramdfather. I happened upon this short information about him a few years ago on

Frederick Kiracofe (Friedrich Kirchhof) was a part of the German Auxiliary troops brought over during the American Revolution to aid the British Troops. In the records of the Johannes Schwalm Historical Assocaition, he was a Musketeer in the von Riedesel Regiment under Claus Reuter. He was captured in the Battle of Saratoga in October 1777, and sold himself as an indentured servant. Our next knowledge of him is his marriage to the widow, Catharine Wacker Bowman in 1782 in Shenandoah Co., VA. In 1783, Frederick purchased land in Hudson’s Crossroads, Shenendoah Co. from his father-in-law, Johannes Wacker and his wife, Margaret, the step mother of Catharine. After Catharine’s death, Frederick married Barbara Koontz and they moved to Sangerville, Augusta Co., VA. In 1799. The baptismal records of his children in the Shenandoah Co. from 1785 to 1797 are in the Zion-Pine Lutheran Register with the exception of Anna Christina which is in the Zion-Pine Reformed Register. (found on

I found this other information in other places on-line that says pretty much the same thing with a few other things added.
KIRCHHOF - My ancester, Johann Friedrich Kirchhof, according to the legend carried down in the family, was captured in the Battle of Trenton, and escaped at Carlisle, PA. He made his way into the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia where he married (1) on 30 Dec. 1782 to Catharine Wacker (Bowman) and (2) on 24 Feb. 1795 to Barbara Koontz. He is the ancestor of the Kiracofe, Caricofe, and Karicofe familes of Virginia. I am interested in finding documentation confirming this legend.
Richard Shindle


Kirchhoff, Johann Friedrich
Brunswick; Barmke; Musketeer; von Riedesel Regiment; Claus Reuter; Captured at Saratoga Oct 1777; Sold himself as indentured servant; Settled in VA and married Catharine Bowman and Barbara Koontz.
About The Association
JSHA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to researching those German auxiliary troops (generically called Hessian) who remained in America after the Revolutionary War, became loyal citizens, made cultural contributions and were the progenitors of any thousands of Americans living today.
JSHA was named in recognition of Johannes Schwalm, a Hessian, serving in von Knyphausen's Regiment, which along with other German auxiliary troops, was captured at the battle of Trenton. Thousands of German auxiliaries to the British Crown remained in America after the Revolution, and many, like Johannes, settled in the Pennsylvania Dutch area of Pennsylvania. JSHA was organized to pool information of several descendants who were (separately and unknown to each other) researching Johannes and his contemporaries.
General Baron Friederich Adolphus von Riedesel
Born: 1738

Died: 7 Jan. 1800

Cause of Death: Natural causes.

Military Career prior to the AWI:
< 1756: Commisioned Ensign in the Hessian Battalion at Marburg.
1756: Went o England with a German Regiment under George II.
1757: A.D.C. to Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick.
Aug. 1759: Battle of Minden.
1775: Colonel od carabineers, commanding the garrison at Wolfenbuttel.
Military Career during the AWI:
10 Jan 1776: Named commander of the 1st Brunswick contingent destined for America.
4 Apr. 1776: Embarked for America from Dover.
1 Jun 1776: Joined Carleton at Quebec.
June 1777: Commanded the Left Division of Burgoyne's Expedition from Canada.
7 Jul 1777: Distinguished himself at Hubbardton.
19 Oct 1777: Surrended with Burgoyne's Army at Saratoga.
13 Oct. 1780: He and Phillips were exchanged for Gen. Lincoln.
1781: Promoted to Lieutenant-General in America.
Sept. 1781: Ordered to Canada; carried a Clinton plan for an invasion fron the North.
mid-Aug. 1783: Sailed for England.
8 Oct. 1783: Led his troops for review by the new Duke of Brunswick.
Military Career after the AWI:
1787-1793: Promoted to Lieutenant-General, commander of Brunswick troops in southern provinces of Holland. 1793: Recalled from retirement to become Commandant of the city of Brunswick.
Major General von Riedesel's Orders
8 Feb 1776
22 Mar 1783
march to Stade, The Convention Army in Virginia, Brunswick troops in Canada
†Original: Morristown , Lidegerwood Hessian Transcripts, LetterHZ-2, Microfiche 154-168.

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Pictures of Leona's 80th & 85th birthdays

Black & White photo of John Dewey Shafer

John Dewey and Leona with Saly Jo, and her children Scott, Michelle and Paul

Shafer, Gallauger

John Dewey Shafer

My Grandmother Leona Shafers first marrage was to Delbert V. Gallauger they had Betty and Gene Gallauger. This is a picture of Gene.

Betty with John Dewey and Leona

John Dewey with Me

Burrows and Shafer

This is the reason why I created one blog for both family lines instead of two. Here are some pictures of both Burrows and Shafers together.

Here is a picture of My Father Zenas Abram Burrows and Sally's parents Leona Grimm Evans and John Dewey Shafer.

Sally Jo's first marrage was to Ron Campbell and they had Scott and Michelle Campbell and Zena's first marrage was two Terry Heath they had Julie, Susan (Sue), Richard (Rich), James (Jim) and David (Dave). They later married each other and had me Paul Andrew Burrows. This is a picture of Scott, Jim and myself.

Here is a picture of Dave, Jim, Richard, Michelle and Scott with Sally, John Dewey and Leona at John & Leona Shafer's home.

John Dewey Shafer & Leona Grimm Evans

John & Leona: Sally Burrow's Parents, Leona was the Mother of Betty & Gene Gallauger

John and Scott Keven Campbell as a baby. Scott was Sally's first son during her first marrage to Ron Campbell
Leona as a school girl

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pauline Shafer Glick's Burial Place

Last Tuesday I visited my Aunt Pauline's (John Dewey Shafer's sister) Burial Plance in Forest Lawn Memorial in Glendale.

John Dewey & Leona Shafer

Leona Grimm Evan Shafer
Christmas Eve at Betty's House
Betty, Charles, Joanne (at bottom of picture) brother John, Leona, and my dads mother, Maude Alice Youker Mantkus. Taken in Spokane.

John Dewey Shafer

John Dewey Shafer's Home

John Dewey Shafer's Home

John Dewey Shafer's Home

John Dewey Shafer Home