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Sunday, February 26, 2012

I believe that this is Betty at Eagle's Nest, Cherry Lane, Glenrose.

I know that the guy in the middle is John Dewey, and Joanne confirms that the other two men are Charles and his son John. (My Mom thinks that they are Dewey's Brothers Jim and Jess)

Leona with I believe Sally and I'm not sure who the man is, I originally thought that he was Charles, but Joanne has cconfirmed that he is not Charles.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sally Jo Shafer

Picture of Sally performing on TV

Sally, Leona and Gene

Sally's school picture

Old Metal Photo

Not sure who this is or the children, its made out of metal with a cardstock frame. Mom says that the photo is Tin Type.

John Dewey and Leona

I believe that this is Grandma Leona's Women's Group again

Michelle with Leona

Paul (Me) with Leona at Camlu retirement homes

Zenas, John Dewey, Leona and Paul at the dining room at Camlu.

John Dewey, Leona and Paul

Pictures of Children

I'm not quite sure why I have this freaky little grin on my face, looks like I'm about to eat someone or do something violent or something. This was my 9th grade school picture.

Not quite sure who this baby is.

These three children are ether Gene or Betty's children or grandchildren.
Skyler Collins Gene's Grandson

Kristen Lea

Holly Nicole Mantkus

Betty, Gene and Joanne

Sally, Leona and Gene

Joanne Mantkus

Joanne around age 6

Charles Mantkus