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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Scott & Michelle Pictures

Scott, Michelle, Mildred (Ron's Mother) and some girl
Scott & Michelle with Family. (Im not sure who they are)
Scott & Michelle in Halloween Costumes

Halloween Party

Scott & Michelle Pictures

Halloween Party with Friends

Im not sure who this guy is. Im assuming that he's from Ron's family.
Scott with Ron's family

Monday, August 17, 2009

A few points about Betty

Charles asked me to add a few revisions to Betty history that was written by my Mom Sally.

1. I enlisted in WW11. I was not drafted.

2. I was a Sergeant in the 63rd Infantry Division when the war ended.

3. I was not in the Engineers until I was in the Korean Conflict. Then I was the 1st Sergeant of the Company.

4. Betty was not a cook. She helped out on Saturday nights during dancing festivities.

To me, Betty was the most beautiful and attractive lady I have ever met. Not only in appearance but in mind also.


Scott and Michelle

Scott & Michelle riding in a Wagon and bike
Scott & Michelle with dogs
Dressed Up
Ron, Sally, Scott & Michelle
Sally, Scott and Michelle with I believe Ron's mother Mildred?

Scott and Michelle Pictures

Ron Campbell, John Dewey Shafer, Leona Evans Shafer, and Scott & Michelle
Scott and some Friends

I think that this is Michelle, but not sure.