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Sunday, September 25, 2011

John Dewey Shafer and Leona Grimm Evans Organization Group Photos

I borrowed these photos from my Mom (If Grandma Leona were still alive she wound spank her for defacing a couple of them with a sharpie marker.) Theres a number of pictures that I have no idea who the people are. If anyone knows please e-mail me directly. If anyone goes through my Mom those requests of changes will be ignored since its never good to work through a 3rd person since things seem to change the more hands that pass things along. So please any and all corrections will be considered and addendum's and changes will be made.

Charles Mantkus said:
First picture showing Dewey was with a group of General Electric men from around the country receiving new information, etc. Can't remember where it was held but when I do I will let you know. Dewey worked for Warren Little and Lund in Spokane at that time and continued working for them until he retired. Dewey was an expert in his field of Heating and Air Conditioning, covering Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon, Northern Idaho and Western Montana in installation and service.

Leona Shafer's Woman's (Grandmas?) Club/Organization

Charles Mantkus said:
Two pictures of Leona Shafer was when she was with the Moose Lodge in Spokane. She enjoyed giving her time and care for those in need and belonging to the Grandma's Club.

Sally Jo Shafer's Baby and Other Pictures

Sally Jo Shafer and Betty Mae Gallaugher
May 14 1939
2 Months and 11 Days

Sally Jo Shafer Portrait

Sally's Baby Portrait

Sally and some woman (Joanne Mantkus says that the woman is John Dewey's Mother Margaretha Anna Stamm)

Sally Jo Shafer's Baby Pictures

Sally & Boy (not sure who this is)

Sally with Girl and Boy (Again I don't know who these are) Mom says that these are both girls and the one on the right is Donna.

Sally with Woman (Joanne says that the woman is John Dewey's Mother Margaretha Anna Stamm)

Baby Sally with Betty

Betty, Gene and unknown skier

Betty & Gene (Both Charles and Joanne confirm that this is Betty and Gene)
At first glance I thought a little of Ron Campbell Mom's first husband or even their son Scott, but I don't really think that its ether. Anyone have any idea? Mom says that she's pretty sure that this is Scott her son.