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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Shafer Stories

(This is a letter that my Mom wrote me telling about 3 Shafer stories. I have included a scan of the letter along with the typed text.)


Dear Paul & Family,

Well, here’s the Shafer story about the bandits during the depression. I don’t have the facts straight, so you can chose. ha ha Dad, Dewey Shafer, was driving Mom, Betty & Gene somewhere in a covered pickup or maybe a van, on the way to? in Southern Idaho or Washington? Anyway, Dad knew he was being followed by suspicious characters, so threw his wallet out the window & memorized the location.

Sure enough they stopped Dad. I don’t know if they frisked him or not, but decided to check the back. Apparently the kids were sleeping, but groaned & the bandits couldn’t tell if they were kids or adults so left. Dad went back & retrieved his wallet.

I told you the story about the little blind dog who nipped the legs of Dad & Aunt Ruth’s run away horse, who was pulling their buggy which was headed right for the river. This might have been in Panapus where Grandpa Shafer had a wheat ranch we were thinking of going there, but went through Pullman instead.

You probably remember the story about Uncle Jim, Dad’s Brother, putting skunks under the little country grade school, probably in Pompa, so school was out for at least a week.

I think I told you about Aunt Orpha’s niece, (Mom’s Brother, Jess Evans wife) and how she used to take the pins out of the door hinges so the door would fall on people. Then she’d take the front of drawers almost off so you can imagine what would happen! Etc.


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